Yoga Courses

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An eighteen month 200+hours deep study course starts in November 2024.  This will be open to participants who want to drop in and enjoy some of the days (or build their training gradually, completing modules in their own time) and also those who wish to sign up for the whole journey. Those completing the course will have a depth of knowledge and experience – and be qualified to teach yoga.  

This course will cover a broad and deep spectrum of yoga subjects while being primarily experiential.  There are two main modules: Foundations of Yoga, and Mentoring. 

Participants will be offered two in person days per month, plus support for further study and a daily practice. At the end of the course a short retreat will be offered. 

Throughout, the emphasis will be on support, both peer and teacher, and a personal journey.  Those completing the 18 months will have confidence in expanding their personal practice and also the skills to teach yoga.   

Hannah has been teaching for over twenty years and is looking forward to sharing her expertise.  

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Days are £50 each

Full 200 hours over eighteen months (including retreat accommodation) is £1630 (payable in manageable installments). 



November 2024


March 2026



Sherwood Community Centre, Woodthorpe House, Mansfield Road, Nottingham