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Our Friday morning classes are online as this option continues to suit a majority of the group.  

The classes are for adults who are looking for a gentle style with an emphasis on relaxation.  All are welcome, regardless of age, flexibility and experience of yoga.  The class is very inclusive and those with any number of health/wellness conditions are welcome.  Our students have found yoga helpful for many conditions including post operative recovery, through cancer treatment, arthritis, autoimmune conditions, anxiety and depression as well as relief from the general stressors of life. 

The cost is £48 for a flexible block of six weeks*

*(you won’t be charged when you don’t attend within a nine week period).  

In each session gentle yoga postures are practised to support your body.  Students are encouraged to be aware in a holistic way – of their body and their thoughts and feelings.  Everyone is free to meet the practices and postures at their own level. 

Breath awareness and yoga breathing practices are central to the sessions to support a revitalising and calming of the whole body and mind.  Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) is the final practice of each class: deep relaxation to help you feel ready to step back into your day feeling refreshed and calm.

See also Restorative yoga on Monday evenings.



Friday 9.45-11am





Thank you for your interest in this class.  You are very welcome to call or email us for further information, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you have.