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Birth story listening is a single or a series of sessions in which you talk about your birth.  With gentle support you look at one or a few aspects of your prior birth experience which remain unresolved for you.  Using guided relaxation and breathing practice you approach the memories as a witness.  Using discernment and judgement you select a particular aspect of the birth to process.  The processing can be done verbally and non-verbally (eg see birth art).  All feelings are welcome in this safe, supportive space.  Nothing is wrong.

Women who have attended these sessions are sometimes in the immediate postpartum stage (ie under three months), while others had their baby a number of years ago.  Some women come when they are pregnant with a second or third child and are reflecting on a previous birth experience as part of preparation for the next.  Everyone is welcome.

Sessions can be private one-to-ones or in small groups.  They are facilitated by Hannah. Private sessions are £30 and groups £10 per person.

Hannah has studied birth story listening with master teacher Pam England (author of Birthing from Within, and The Labyrinth of Birth).  The sessions weave this learning with trauma sensitive yoga techniques, and additional training in therapeutic art.




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