our space


We occupy a lovely 18th century room on the first floor in Sherwood Community Centre*.  

In 2015 we lovingly restored the room, stripping the floor to expose the original pine floorboards, painting the walls fresh white and adding our homemade art work.  The room also features large curved bay sash windows and a traditional Indian wooden handrail to hang coats and valuables.  A large Ganesha sculpture presides on one side.

The room is solely used for yoga and therapeutic practice by the yoga village, and many people remark on how welcoming and peaceful it feels.  The space is fully set up with mats, blankets, cushions and blocks for the use of our students.

We are also proud to be part of the community centre, of which we are members.  This is a place where everyone is welcome and many of our students take advantage of Christine’s Cafe being located downstairs for visits before or after daytime classes. The centre offers an important community resource in the oldest building in Sherwood.

*Access is via stairs only.  We are sorry not to be able to accommodate people for whom a more accessible venue is needed.  (However, see our Stapleford class for a ground floor option and contact us for alternative kids’ yoga classes with Sophie).