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At the Yoga Village our ethos is inclusive and independent.  There need be no barriers to practising yoga and so our classes welcome everyone, young and old, people with medical conditions, people who have practised yoga for years and people who are completely new to it.  

The Yoga Village began when we – a couple of yoga teachers – moved to Nottingham in 2005.  We are now known throughout the city for our wide-ranging antenatal and family-centred yoga classes, which includes pregnancy yoga, birth workshops, postnatal classes, parent and toddler groups, kids’ yoga and mini retreats for mums.   We love and value these classes immensely and believe that they are able to provide deep support for women and men through the intensity of early years’ parenting.  We’re delighted that hundreds of friendships have been born out of these classes.

We are also experienced and highly qualified teachers of general yoga classes for adults.  We started out as general yoga teachers and have taught for two decades.  Our style of yoga is essentially restorative and meditative with a focus also on physical practice and health.  This style and training is the underpinning of all our classes and in particular gives us the tools to work with a broad range of students.  We have run specialist classes for people who have suffered strokes, for prisoners, for people with ME, MS, addiction and more.  Our general classes are for anyone interested in a style of yoga that is relaxing and holistic.  The somatic (body) awareness practised can lead to a transforming relationship with our bodies which can gradually free us from old patterns (physical and mental) leading to more resilience (eg from the effects of stress) and improved mental and physical well-being.

As teachers we’ve been fortunate enough to spend over twenty years training with a much loved senior teacher and in ashrams.  When we started teaching, yoga wasn’t the big business it is today – with quick teacher-training courses and multiple franchises.  We have been blessed to experience and value depth of training, long term commitment and a sense of integrity which honours the subject of yoga.

Yoga means union: this can be union with ourselves, with our friends and family, and with our community and planet.  Simple yoga techniques can help us live a healthier life that is more balanced and harmonious.  

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