Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is a one-to-one massage therapy. Contact Paul Cupit to book a slot (Monday-Friday at Sherwood Community Centre)

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40 pounds for one hour; 20 pounds for half an hour. 

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is said to have been founded over 2,500 years ago by Buddha's physician known as Dr Shivago Komarpaj and grew from the seeds of the Indian Ayurvedic system and Traditional Chinese medicine. Often referred to as "the lazy personís yoga" it consists of deep pressure massage, use of acupressure points, rhythmic rocking and yoga-like stretches. No oils are used and the recipient lies on a futon style mattress on the floor wearing loose comfortable clothing. Paul works sensitively with individual clients, tailoring the massage to suit. The treatment is both dynamic and relaxing, leaving the recipient feeling light, supple and energised afterwards.

TYM is very therapeutic and successfully used to treat a wide variety of different conditions and ailments. Itís effective in treating back pain, other pain, sciatica, mobility problems and correction of musculoskeletal alignment. It reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression and offers relief from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and multiple sclerosis. Itís also great as a sports massage or an alternative to sports physio releasing muscle tension and increasing flexibility.

Paul is fully qualified with The International Training Massage School of Thailand and insured with Yoga Alliance UK. He is trained at both practitioner and advanced levels.

Treatments are done from The Sherwood Community Centre and Paul offers home visits in special circumstances.

Full body massage
£40 ó Approximately 1 hour
Head,neck & shoulder massage
£20 óApproximately 30 minutes 

Dynamic Yoga - see classes and workshops menu

 Paul also teaches a dynamic yoga class at The Yoga Village. Wednesdays 7.30-9pm £42 for six classes (to be used over 8 weeks)