Frequently asked questions

How much do classes cost?

Pregnancy classes cost £45 for six weeks; postnatal is £42 for six weeks.  General yoga classes (yoga and relaxation) cost £36 for six weeks. The Birth Preparation workshop is £54

What should I wear?

You can wear leggings/ tracksuit bottoms with a comfortable top.  All classes are done with bare feet.

What time are the classes?

Pregnancy yoga takes place from 6.30-7.45pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (students attend one evening a week).  Students are welcome from 6.20pm. Wednesday Classes start at 6.00pm -7.15. Feel free to come from 5.50pm. All classes are at Sherwood Community Centre.

Postnatal yoga takes place on Wednesday mornings.  The earlier class is 9.45-11.00am and the later is 11.15-12.30pm.

Parent and toddler yoga is on Tuesday morning from 10-11.15am.

General yoga (yoga and relaxation) is from 7.55-9.15pm on Tuesday evenings.

Birth preparation workshops run from 10am-2pm on a Sunday.

The mum's Pampering mornings are from 10am-1pm on a Saturday.

Can I park at the venue?

There is parking at Sherwood Community Centre, and at the Iona School.  For the Mansfield Road Baptist Church park along Gregory Boulevard, and the church is a few minutes walk.

Where are the classes held?

All classes, with occasional exceptions, are at Sherwood Community Centre, on Mansfield Road.  For details see our 'contact and find us' page.  

Is baby yoga the same as postnatal yoga?

At The Yoga Village we pride ourselves on offering yoga classes of the highest quality and continually invest in our training. A key distinction between baby yoga and postnatal yoga is the training a teacher has to undergo. Our teachers have done a minimum of two and a half years teacher training to teach adult yoga with specialist qualifications in postnatal yoga.  Baby yoga refers to movements for the baby and does not need to be taught by a yoga teacher.  Usually baby yoga courses are one off short courses.  Postnatal yoga is geared towards the mother and her physical recovery and emotional wellbeing.  Students often attend for months. The same expertise that we apply to pregnancy we apply to the postnatal period. 

I haven't done yoga before, can I still come to pregnancy yoga?

Yes, you definately can come. Many of our students haven't done yoga before. The movements are perfect for pregnant bodies and are easy to learn. Many women become "yoga converts" through these classes and some find that yoga makes a huge difference to their lives.

When can I start postnatal (yoga for you and your baby) yoga?

We recommend that you start when you feel ready from 8 weeks.  Many of our mums come from 2 months until 9 months or when baby starts crawling.

When can I start pregnancy yoga?

We recommend starting pregnancy yoga from 16 weeks or any time during your pregnancy.  Many women enjoy the benefits of practicing regularly and continue to come for as long as they can.  Some women are only able to join late in their pregnancy and this is fine: pregnancy yoga is always beneficial.

What do I need to wear?

You can wear loose and comfortable clothing for yoga practice

What do I need to bring?

We know that carrying your own equipment around can be a bit of a hassle so we provide mats, blocks, cushions blankets for your comfort and ease.Feel free to bring anything extra that you may want to use. At Birth Rehearsals definatey bring your own birthing ball, its a really good opportunity try it out.

Frequently asked questions

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